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=======================| Special Moves |=======================
Knuckle Big Bang: QCF+p
Aura Buster: F,QCF+p
Aura Fire :  QCB+p
Clothesline:  p (while running)
=======================| Grapple Moves |======================
Standing Grapple: 2p
Walking Grapple: B,F+2p
 ------In Grapple------
Knee Takedown:   p (or after 30 ticks)
*Standing Clothesline:   k
*Head Stomp:   QCF+p
Suplex:    QCB+p
*Powerbomb:   QCF+k
*Toss & Splash   QCB+k
------Special Grapple Moves------
*Jumping Body Press:   HCB+p
Muscle Bomb: B,QCB+p
*The stronger the punch use for Special Grapple Moves, the LESS time you have to execute the command
=======================| Super Moves |=======================
-LVL 1 Supers
*Against the Ropes: QCFx2+p
*Beatdown: QCBx2+p
-LVL 2 Supers
*Double Muscle Bomb: QCBHCF+p
-MAX LVL Supers
*Final Galactic Muscle Bomb: HCB,F+2k